Play. Perform.
Power-Up. Profit.

For OWNERS: Signs your business needs circus

Overthinking! Takes too long to make critical decisions wasting precious resources or missing opportunities all together. And then you second guess yourself so follow-through is slow and tedious.

Under Performing! Without that playful, innovative spark, you’re losing your competitive edge.

Hitting your Upper Limit! You experience success only to watch it fall apart and realize you may have sabotaged it yourself.

OverDOing! Your TO DO list is longer than your list of positive business outcomes this week.

Yes! You will literally FLY. All physical activities custom scaled to your capabilities. Work YOUR edge and translate that to your business...

What other business OWNERS are saying about this leadership training...

"Wire your body to take BOLD risks your competitors are afraid to take... and you'll instinctively become the leader in your field."  Stacey Murphy 

For TEAMS: Signs your business needs circus

Butting Heads! When energy is split, so are profits. Let's resolve any conflicts and align your entire team around your mission.

Swinging Door! Hiring and firing, hiring and firing... it wastes time and energy. 

Decision Bias! People are doing what's easy instead of what's exciting, so there's no strategic innovation and you're losing market share. 

Bottoming out! Energy is low… there’s a feeling of “have to” versus “get to” and you've run out of ways to motivate people.

Complicated and Outdated Systems! It's time to level up, but it seems daunting to transform the entire culture of the business even though that's what's needed.

Mastering Your Business Instincts

Everything you and your team has ever wanted is one step outside your comfort zone. Imagine a training ground that helps you  THRIVE outside your comfort zone. Join Stacey Murphy for one-of-a-kind experiences!

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If you're excited and a little nervous... that's exactly the EDGE that Circus helps you EXPAND. Courage is a muscle that you can flex for more power and profits in your business.

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An award-winning social entrepreneur, author, speaker, gardener and trapeze artist, Stacey Murphy has heard every team excuse in the book.

She helps industry leaders transform business culture with her unique capacity to normalize discomfort within team dynamics. Her methods unleash greater innovation, buy-in, accountability, team engagement, and results.

She's even reconciled two business partners who were literally throwing things at each other.

Stacey’s work has been recognized by media outlets including Martha Stewart, David Letterman, and PBS. She has facilitated CEO and leadership trainings for dozens of business teams and youth organizations. She is known for her “straight talk” on hot-button topics.

Even after all of that, a tiny voice in her head suspected she might be capable of MORE.  And she wants to share with you the number one strategy she used to finally access that MORE... to bust through her upper limits of profit, impact, and joy beyond what she thought possible.

If you’ve ever dreamed of evolving yourself and your team culture to more closely align with your mission, book your Circus for Entrepreneurs experience today.

Play. Perform. Power Up. PROFIT.
Inspiring owners and leadership teams to cut the crap and get REAL.