Circus for Entrepreneurs

Take the kind of bold leaps that train your INSTINCTS for peak performance in your business… no matter what!

Circus performers are flawless.  And that doesn’t just happen. They train with courage and focus. Imagine if you applied that same training to your business? You don’t need another business product. You need to WIRE YOUR BODY FOR SUCCESS so you become an instinctual top performer.

Join an elite team of three circus performers, a peak performance business facilitator, and a few, select entrepreneurs to get out of your head and into your body. It’s time to access the wisdom and courage that you know will level up your business.

And if you’re excited and a little nervous… that’s exactly the EDGE circus helps you expand so you can boldly take on even bigger challenges in your business! 

Play. Perform. Power up. Profit.

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October 4th
Trapeze for Entrepreneurs

Yes! You will literally FLY. All physical activities custom scaled to your capabilities. The goal is to work YOUR edge and translate that to your business…  Imagine the person you will become when you boldy face big risks and how that will help you achieve all your goals.

I’m Stacey Murphy and I’ve started multiple successful businesses impacting hundreds of thousands of lives. I’ve managed multi-million dollar construction projects. And I’ve found unusual ways to get on the David Letterman show to spread my message.

Even after all of that, a tiny voice in my head suspected I might be capable of MORE.  I want to share with you the number one strategy I used to finally access that MORE… to bust through my upper limits of profit, impact, and joy beyond what I thought possible. 

If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done… Circus for Entrepreneurs is designed to help you discover who you need to be to fly to new heights in your business.

Signs your business needs circus…

Overthinking! It takes too long to make critical decisions  so you waste precious resources or miss opportunities all together. And then you second guess yourself so follow-through is slow and tedious.

Under Performing! Your playfulness has disappeared. And without that innovative spark, you’re losing your competitive edge.

Hitting your Upper Limit! You experience success only to watch it fall apart and realize you may have sabotaged it yourself.  

Bottoming out! Your energy when it comes to your business is low… there’s a feeling of “have to” versus “get to”

OverDOing! Your TO DO list is longer than your list of positive business outcomes this week.

“Re-wire your body to tackle the kinds of risks your competitors are afraid to take… and you’ll instinctively become the leader in your field.” – Stacey Murphy

During this exclusive event for selected entrepreneurs, you will alternate between circus training and business coaching time to anchor these physical techniques into your body so that you can instinctively CRUSH IT when you are back at your desk.

Remember: all physical activities custom scaled to your capabilities. The goal is to work YOUR edge and translate that to your business… and that’s exactly what these circus performers and coaches are trained to help you do. 

Performing at your peak with the trampoline

Feel what it’s like to FLY! Where can you find even more “hang time” in your business so you can make changes faster? This is where you will discover how to commit to action and follow through no matter what!


Clowning to delight your audience

Feel what it’s like to DELIGHT & AMUSE. How can you celebrate and appreciate more PLAY in your business? Imagine the sales and marketing opportunities that will leave your competition in the dust when you’re having even more FUN with your audience!

Flipping your business upside-down for more power 

Just when you reach the highest point you’ve ever achieved and you’re hanging by a thread… how can you hold on for something even greater? This kind of growth goes beyond simple brute strength. It’s time to unleash your COURAGE!

These circus activities have been specifically chosen so that you can continue to hone your instincts when you’re back at your desk.  

Once you register, here’s how it all works:

October 4 Event Day

Come as you are! We will warm you up and take good care of you. All the details are included in your welcome package.

Post-event follow through

Four mastermind sessions will help re-wrie your body to trust these new instincts and anchor these practices into your business and your life.

You’re going to look back and not even recognize the person who USED to run your business.

Stacey’s Circus Story

It was October 1st (my birthday) and I was running a successful online business. Most people would be happy with that… but it totally sucked! I was working way too hard and frustrated that I couldn’t break through to the next level of success fast enough.

I was burnt out trying the same old things and getting the same results: I would take huge risks, aim really high and then fall flat on my face. To recover, I would aim too low and then sabotage any good outcomes I HAD achieved.

I was overthinking everything… which made me feel completely numb and disconnected from any pleasure in life. As a result, I kept putting my life dreams on hold.

I needed to do something drastic… and I always wanted to join the circus. So that’s exactly what I did at age 45 with absolutely NO previous training.

I discovered how to get out of my head, to fly, flip, hang from the ceiling and generally clown around.

I would come home physically shredded after 3 hours of training, but I was also SO energized and excited  about my business for the first time in a long time.

I trained myself to anchor in feelings of wonder, courage and certainty so that I could commit and focus on my outcome no matter what. Even when I was flying through the air with no sense of which way was up.

Here’s the really cool part. These aren’t just some neat tricks that I can pull off at the circus.

I now do this in my business, too. It’s become part of my operating system… how I live, behave and show up for everything I do!

I am able to take the kinds of risks that used to make me want to crap my pants and just call that Monday and move on.

And it paid off BIG TIME in my business. I make the tough decisions needed be more profitable, we’re serving more people and I’m working WAY less… like one day a week. We tried some goofy ads I never would have been brave enough to try before, and they doubled our sales conversions because our audience loved them.

So now there’s way less TO DO and way more TA DA in my life!

Come join us…  I’d love to share the circus methodology with you so that you can fly closer to your wildest dreams than you thought possible!

Everything you’ve ever wanted in your business is one step outside your comfort zone…  Imagine what joining the circus might do for your business and your life!

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